Starting to plant
Page Last Updated: 20:20 - 10/10/2002

We filled the pond with water, and to our delight a large frog took up residence in it the very next day.

Mid April, and at last the bottom terrace was covered with the black plastic, and ready for the bit I had been really looking forward to - the planting. I had decided that it was better to do one terrace at a time, as the top terrace needed a bit more soil to fill it up, and so I could use the soil dug out of the lower terrace planting holes to do this.

The planting was actually one of the cheapest parts of the job, as I already had quite a few plants in pots in the back garden that I could use.

These included a hardy palm, (Chamaerops humilis), some lilies and agapanthus, a cordyline, a yucca and a couple of phormiums. I did splash out on two more small hardy palms at 19.99 each, a small Witch hazel tree, (Hamamelis), at 9, and an even smaller Magnolia Stellata at 10.

Most of the other plants, like the ornamental grasses, cost around 1.20 each from the plant stall at Battle market.

Meanwhile we had finally decided to "finish" the garden with pebbles. Initially I ordered three tonnes, which cost around 110 from a builders merchant. This was enough to cover the bottom terrace, but clearly I did not have enough left to cover the top terrace.

I finally ended up shifting four and a half tonnes of pebbles single-handed! I think my back probably hurt as much as my husbands did by the time I had finished.

Still, I did lose nearly half a stone in weight - that was a bonus!

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