Ripping out the overgrown hedge
Page Last Updated: 20:20 - 10/10/2002

We have finished the main part of the front garden, but left the border between us and the neighbours as a type of overgrown hedge.

This border separates our drive from that of our neighbour's it was a good thing to have to hide his white van, but recently he has become ill, and the van has disappeared, so the reason for the hedge to remain has gone.

Most of the plants had been put in by a landscape firm contracted by the builders of the estate. I don't know what it is with these people, but they always seem to put in too many of the same plants for my liking, and also plants that all too rapidly outgrow their allotted space.

This border has been overgrown for years as the plants were really unsuitable for the area they were planted in, and my husband never really enjoyed cutting the plants back even if it was only two or three times per year, especially as there were sharp spines on some of them.

So we got in Kevin Longhurst again to clear the ground. He started by using a power saw to remove the main parts of the trees, and put these on his trailer.

The next step was to remove the tree stumps this was a little harder, however with the use of his 4 x 4, a tow hook and some webbing, the stumps came out easily enough, and the rubbish was extracted and removed.

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