A Garden in Australia
(Extremely dry and hot conditions)
New South Wales - Australia

Page Last Updated: 10:06 - 26/10/2002

As you will see, we tend to have our garden very crowded with plants and to this extent it is rather like the local bushland - everything either finds its own niche or it fails to survive. However, our garden contains plants from many parts of the world at the same time as housing some local and also exotic Australian specimens.

In these photos one can discover a variety of plants amongst the taller specimens with a willow peppermint from WA, an Umbrella Tree from Queensland and a Tree fern from NSW together with a Cypress from Europe.
The main mass of flower in the foreground is from two shrubs; a variegated leaf Escallonia to the left and a Leptospermum (tea tree) to its right.

Hemp Agrimony (Eupatorium sp.) which is sited on the opposite side of the tree to the Clivias. Considering that we have had so much dry weather this plant has held up remarkably well and is making quite a show.

This picture shows a close up of the Hemp Agrimony flower.


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