Yuyuan Gardens in Shanghai
Yuyuan Gardens

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This is an extract from the official text on this garden.

Yuyuan garden is an excellent model of a classical Chinese garden architecture under state preservation. I was built during the reign of Ming Emperor Jaijing (1559) as the private garden of Pan Yunduan, an administration commissioner of Sichuan Province.

With an area of over two hectares, the garden is famous for a number of architectural marvels, including the Big Rockery, the Naturally Hollowed Jade Boulder, the Hall of an Emerald Touch of Spring, the Ancient Opera Stage and the Inner Garden. Also well protected in the garden are precious cultural relics showing the best of China's tradition of art.

The Yuyuan gardens of Shanghai are the epitomy of Chinese Gardens, containing a wide range of rockeries, ponds with trees and the majority of green plants.

The site is right in the middle of Shanghai, and provides a relaxing and peaceful place to sit in this bustling city.

I especially liked the dragon which ran for about 100ft along the top of a wall so the head stopped quite close to its tail.

The main pool was quiet and peaceful, apart from the tourists, both European, American and Chinese.

However you can forgive the tourists, as you could still find peace in the garden.

The Chinese regard stones a living beings, and so many stones are included in the garden. The most famous stone is the Naturally Hollowed Jade Boulder, which I as an outsider thought was a little overated.

Throughout the garden are small pagodas for sitting in looking at fish, or on rockeries.
I must say that I enjoyed my time in the garden, which was very relaxing compared to the city outside its walls.

The garden is one of those where the stones, water and plants take equal place, unlike the typical English garden where plants dominate.

The gardens were not as well kept as I would have thought as a major tourist attraction, but well worth a visit.

My favourite area was within the shade of the trees looking over the main pool in the garden which provided welcome respite from the 38 degree centigrade temperature outside.
Times for Visit
Cost per person
Car Parking
Throughout the year, but it is best to get there before 10.00 a.m as it gets busier as time goes by.
about 2 hours
10 yuan(about 1.00) per head in September 2002
no parking
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