The Spider Garden
Hoveton Hall

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The Spider Garden is located at Hoveton Hall which is in Hoveton a small village to the north east of Wroham in Norfolk.

From the centre of Wroxham take the Great Yarmouth / Stalham road for about 1 1/2 miles to the end of the speed limit signs. Hoveton Hall gardens are located down a very narrow country lane on the left hand side of the road , they are signposted, but you will probably drive past , notice the sign then have to retrace your route.
The Gardens consist of three main parts, the Spider Garden , a Woodland walk and a lakeside walk.

The Spider Garden is a beautiful walled garden in two parts, the main garden is a formal english garden , the second is larger containing lawns, vegetables and fruit. The wall around the garden is about 10 ft tall and that is surrounded by english woodlands.

The entrance to the garden is through a very unusual circular gate which has been modelled on a spider's web . Within the garden are many flower beds which are glorious in August when we went there. The garden seems to host many butterflies, bees and hover flies which together with its distance from the main road, give it a peaceful and relaxing 1920's feel.

The other walled garden which is reached by an archway in the wall consists of less flowers, and more vegetables and fruit trees, with some wonderful fig trees leaning against the wall.

A large lawn is layed out , with a bench on which to sit and absorb the summer sun and surroundings.

Outside the walled garden is a very pretty woodland walk which is about 3/4 mile, and passes along the banks of a cool stream, then up a small hill into the deciduous woodland.

The woodland walk carries on down to the lakeside which starts with a small fountain from a copper fish head. The walks go all along one side of the lake and consists of many small meandering walks and streams with little bridges.
In conclusion we felt this was a very pretty and relaxing garden in which you could spend many hours, at a very reasonable price. When we were there there were a number of other visitors, but it was not crowded. The site also has a small coffee shop and a plant stall.

We would not recommend the woodland walk or the lakeside walk for those readers with difficulties walking or in a wheelchair, however the spider garden is perfect with hard paths and many benches, and is worth the entrance cost by itself.
Times for Visit
Cost per person
Car Parking

about 2 hours
3.50 per head in August 2001
room for about 50 cars
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