has been created to provide a resource for the Gardener, we will try to provide you with links to other Garden related sites in the world, and to those specifically in the South East of England or East Sussex where we are based.

In LittleGardens we would like to show you that you don't need an Alan Tichmarsh or Charlie Dimmock to create your garden, it is all quite easy, but does involves some time on your behalf, so if you do not have the time, hire a local contractor.

Also you do not need a garden the size of Kew with many gardeners, to provide pretty and pleasant surroundings.
           (our garden is not very big, but there is a lot going on in it)

There are many attractive gardens in our area to visit, so check them out.


If you would like to provide an article on your garden we will be happy to post it on the site,
providing you send some photos as well, please e-mail simon@littlegardens.co.uk