Merriments Gardens

(With a Relaxed and Informal Atmosphere)
Merriments can be found by taking the A 229 Hawkhurst road from Hurst Green , and lies about 1/2 mile from the A21.

Visitors find the atmosphere very relaxed and informal. We've developed the garden over five years to reflect the surrounding countryside. It fits snugly in without shouting or jarring.
{Sally Briggs - Head Gardener}

It developed naturally from the start. None of us has any formal design training, but the garden feels right. The plants and the planting tell the story. You see, there's never been any script to follow.
{Mark Buchele}

It's that slightly wild feel that people like. No grand vistas, no formality. It's a garden that's free, it blows in the wind and simply seems right. It belongs where it is.
{Peggy Weeks}

The garden proves what can be achieved if you are prepared to expend time and effort. A garden will always be a true reflection of the amount of love and work that is put in.
{David Weeks}

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